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If you experience any problems with 3D models or you have any other questions, please look through the FAQs below and see whether the answers can help you with your problem. You can also help us assist you more efficiently - please give as much information about your problem as possible.

Please let us know what you need help with: 


Why should I buy from your site?

We are the developers of all 3D models presented on the site. We offer you only a high quality content and at lower prices. We also provide first-class support for our customers.

Do you provide money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do. We provide money-back guarantee if a purchased 3D model has some errors and we cannot correct these errors or help with them.

Can I pay for your service with my credit card?

Our payment system supports credit cards. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express etc. You just need to set up this method of payment at PayPal site.

How soon can I receive the model I've bought?

You will receive a letter with an exclusive link to the product. If for whatever reason you don't receive your product, please check your junk folder and email adress, if you still don't have your product, contact Cgcarrot. 

Please pay your attention that we don't provide any physical models. Cgcarrot deals only with computer files.

I need a custom model.

Please fill in the custom 3D order form.

What should I do if the purchased 3D model files were lost?

When you loose the purchased 3D model file or it's corrupted you can easily download the model again. The file can be downloaded from the link you have approximately fifty times; and you don't have to pay extra money. If you experience problems with subsequent downloads, please contact us.